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i think one of the things that hit me the hardest when paul left was when ash…

who;s usually smiling and optimistic


suddenly dropped his voice……


and said in such a sad voice


he reserves this kind of treatment for his friends or his pokemon…usually with a rival, he tends to be more optimistic and kinda expects their parting….

so to me, it felt that…he wasn’t ready to say goodbye yet…that there was still a lot of things about their relationship that needed to be patched up and there’s a good chance (with his rather poor track record of keeping his promises..) that it might be a while before they actually do meet again…which is why paul walked away so dejected until ash said “let’s battle again’ confirming that he doesn’t want to forget about him.


What makes it even better is that Paul obviously reciprocates Ash’s feelings. 


Like, I think the fact that Paul has his hair cast over his eyes really says something about how he feels and makes this scene really significant, because the only other time that we see Paul with his bangs covering his eyes like that is during his battle with Brandon.


Which in itself is significant for being a time when Paul was at his most emotional. 

They could have very easily done it where Paul just simply had his eyes closed as he was walking away. Hell, they didn’t even necessarily have to show Paul face after walking away at all. But I think the fact that this is the face we see after he hears the boat is meant to show you that this is not a one-sided ordeal. Paul very likely feels exactly the same way Ash does. And the idea that after all they’ve been through, Paul just has to leave now and they might never really see each other again even though there’s still so much that wants to be said probably really got to him at this point. You can even hear it in the way he hesitates when he says “So…I’ll see you.” (I’m going off the English version here.)

And of course, we get that glorious moment where Ash tells Paul “Let’ battle again!” and the goodbye wave and it’s basically what you said. 

I’m sorry for putting my own two cents into this but Paul’s reaction during this is also really important to me and this episode in general just gives me a lot of feelings. 

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