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Another (much more serious) attempt at imagining what Paul could look like in XY

The outfit is based off of (pathetic grasping at nothing for any signs of hope for a cameo) the first XY opening.

While I happened to be going through it in slow-mo, because animation is interesting, I noticed that in a sequence w/ Ash/Pikachu fighting a random Pangoro and Honedge there’s actually an opposing trainer there too. There’s a good chance they are meant to be a faceless nobody, but there’s also the chance w/ things in the openings being foreshadowing so I thought it would be good to try to get a good look at them.


Well you can’t really, they are pictured in about 4 frames and this is the only one that isn’t motion blurred to heck. So it probably is supposed to just be no one, but…I could really see Paul having those Pokemon? The outfit is clearly different, but what little I can make out still strikes me as something in his style? And it has a primarily teal/purple based color palette?


It doesn’t even match the other “probably not Paul but maybe” trainer in XY, so I know I’m reading way too into this, but I wound up thinking about enough that I wanted to work out for myself what that outfit could look like and so here we are V_V’

Filed under this is really cool I would love to see shinji in new clothes if he were to ever make a cameo in xy his current outfit is nice and all but I want to see him in something different anyway shinji pokeani